Wild Mushrooms:
~Morels.  We have very beautiful ones all week from Oregon.
                      Still a slow start, due to cold weather and snow over much of the areas, but it 
                      is warming up and supply should increase and price should drop.
                      The season should last at least until mid-June. They could be around as late 
                       as mid- August.
~Porcinis. We may have for Tuesday delivery from South Africa, if all goes well.
                       Limited quantities. This may be the last of the season from S. Africa.
                       The Oregon season should start now in May, which is their usual season.
                        The weather decides.
~Mousserons. We have a good supply. Excellent quality. Clean and dry. Should be easy 
                         to clean. From Bulgaria. Normally available until end of June.
~St. George's. (Scientific name: Tricholoma Georgii. Not  related at all to Mousserons.)
                          Similar flavor to Canary or Charbonnier: Nutty / freshly ground flower.
                          Mild. Pleasant. Also from Bulgaria and potentially around until end of 
~Chanterelles / Girolles. Finally back for Thursday delivery, if all goes well. (We
                          have stayed away from the Moroccan, since the quality has been very 
                          low and the shelf life too short.) From Bulgaria. Very small: 1/2 inch to
                          1 inch long. Have been washed and fandried.
                           Season: Should be around all summer from Europe and then from Oregon
                           and the Westcoast. Usually uninterrupted from now  until mid to late 
~Summer Truffles. First of the season from France for Tuesday delivery.
                          Season should last until end of August/early September.

Cultivated Mushrooms:                                                                                                                    Available yearround, except for some rare growing problems.
Unfortunately that is the case for Pioppinos, which are not available at least through Wednesday. Also Nebrodinis/Abalone from California are short.

Fresh Produce:    
~Fiddlehead Ferns. We have excellent ones from Maine available until early June.
~Ramps.        From Michigan. Probably the last of the season. However, we will have the
                            bulbs in a few weeks. Wild.
~Rhubarb.   Very local. (Westchester). Available a few more weeks. Organic.
~Nettle Tops. Westchester and Oregon. Available to mid to late June. Wild.
~Fresh Green Almonds: California. Available until end of July.
~White Asparagus: France. Available until end of June.
~Hearts Of Palm: Yearround. Fresh. Just brined shortly for staying white.
                               From Panama. Organic.


    Mushrooms & More is a specialty distributor of all varieties of high quality wild and exotic mushrooms, truffle products and seasonal wild foods, such as ramps, fiddlehead ferns, berries, nettles, and local, organic and exceptional products  to restaurants in and around New York City.

    Our customer service is tailored to a chef's needs: we are personally available to take orders and answer questions  from 8:30 am to 10:30 pm.

    Our patrons are chefs who demand high quality at a reasonable price = value.

    Quality & Value All our mushrooms are pre-sorted and all are useable, saving you labor and product loss. Most of our products are supplied by small companies who can deliver what we call "Hans Quality", after Hans Johansson's demanding standards.

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